February 2010

7 February 2010

We are going to look at the opening petals of a tulip, see the petals falling off and the pollen from the stamens being exposed. This pollen falls by gravity to the ground, it is ‘accidentally collected’ by small mammals and insects who then walk or fly away. In this way the diversity of colour of the tulip is translocated to other places. If the tulip has been picked or moved from its original home, say, in a pot, then the pollen can have been moved by as much as several hundred miles.

But surely, the pollen is ineffective at this stage?

Yes this is true, except in the exceptional circumstances we are discussing.

Are you thinking of Zuma (president of South Africa with 20 children by different mothers) and his many children?

No, we are thinking statistically; the very small percentage of travelling pollen that will actually pollinate another plant, say by the plant being transplanted into another garden or by other means, such as in a commercial nursery where hands and insects can do a good job of cross-fertilization.

Why tulips?

These are good examples of God’s grace in action. They are usually a single bloom, all the effort of the bulb has gone up into this joyous expression of life, this explosion after sleep.

Maybe all things need this dormancy period?

Yes, all things need this dormancy or they are unable to fulfil their potential, fizzling out too early.

Is there more on this? Well, we would like to tell you about the colours the tulip illustrates. White is the expression of vibrancy, of openness and love. The green shows quieter nurturing and support, the red is not loud as you might think, but there to be a pillar, a support, a scaffold to the others, a rallying point almost. The yellow is the ‘here I am’, smiley child of the family. The purple too has a quiet supporting role, lending gravitas to the show of flowers.

What of a whole bed of purple alone? You would have such a thing in a funeral parlour where the peace and gentle nurturing of the purple would be valuable.

Any more? Yes, you have not picked up all the nuances of the yellow. This vibrancy is one of pure golden joy which fills the observer with an echo of pure gold joy in their lives. Remember, the tulip puts its all into the flower from the bulb, there is no reserve, no hanging back, no ‘thought for the morrow’. Their carers, the nature spirits that work with tulips, work quickly and with great energy, if we can put it like that. In human terms we would use the analogy of the sprinter, a big burst of energy over a short period of time. Those more ponderous nature spirit carers are ones who work with the great trees and have a different time scale, with a totally different rhythm.

Are they like the gnomes or is that just fanciful? This is both an easy and difficult question to answer. We see them differently to the way you see them. If you can see them, they will look as you expect them to be. In western civilization they often take the forms of knobbly short ugly humans, yes, like the 7 dwarves in Snow White. While to the Chinese, as you asked, they will appear as extensions of their natural world, taking on a life of their own, within the life-force of the tree itself, yet having their own beingness as you approach and feel them. There is also support by the natural world, the snakes, animals and insects around them.

Whereas in Africa, the tree is the repository of not only its own spirit but also all those that have passed on, especially those special trees so designated. Yes, there is great fear of disturbing such places. You know the trouble caused by the disruption to place.

Yes, I remember especially the dam they were trying to build in Zimbabwe which I was so unhappy about and later we found out that the authorities had started building over ancient burial grounds. The place was crying for peace.

What about the yew trees that live in the English churchyards?

We do not like them. They hold the energy in a particular way and allow influences from beyond the grave, so to speak. We think that souls are better not given the temptation to hang around the living. They do not make a churchyard clean.

Well what does create clean conditions?

Cremation with the planting of natural peaceful places will work well in your society where there is little land and many regulations. We do not like the pollution of various sorts created by this type of burning, but yes, the earth does take back her own, as you will see.

Are natural burials good?

Of course, why do you ask, you know this. Woodland, the body is what earth wants, one must give that portion back which belongs to Mother Earth and let the rest, the soul, the spirit, leave this mortal life peacefully.

Is this transcription all a bit rubbishy, is it good enough?

Well, it is a bit rough around the edges, but generally on track.

May I go now?


Washing is vital. You MUST remember to wash when you have been in an uncertain vibration or shaken hands or been in the presence of those who you feel uneasy about. Remember, dirt and fluff stick, like with a magnetized surface. Gradually the organism, you, will become overloaded and go lower and lower, you have observed this and not realized why. It is a form of vampirism.

I had not noticed this.

We know, now become aware, yes, both of you.

OK Thank you. May I go? Yes, with blessings

Thank you.


Reeds in a vast network of ever changing channels do not allow any except a true native of the place to know where they are. No creature, except man, will, despoil his environment.

You remember being taught about the trees grazed by giraffes that suddenly all turn acid when the giraffes have grazed them enough and should move on to another patch, well, environments, natural ones, are like this.

Yes, it is something like a miracle to learn this. All these particular trees in a grazing area, whether being actively grazed or not, have this capacity to become unpalatable to giraffes.

Movement is endemic in the natural world, migration is natural, even the waters in the sea move in relationship to their companions, the winds, temperatures, lunar pulls, the sun. All have a bearing on the oceans, as does the temperature on land. These factors you know about.

And others such as acidification and pollution?

If you build a solid white wall and attract the rays of the sun, you can create an artificial beach. Now, most people in sandy places would not be too impressed by this, it would not satisfy their hearts’ desire. They would prefer natural shade with plants growing underneath and around, shelter from the baking sun and less light.

This seems to be terribly obvious and simplistic.

Yes, it is obvious, it is simplistic, and for that reason it is a factor that is often overlooked. Consider the new housing being built in England, cramped together with no room for life force, no climbers, no bird nests, no trees, no worms. Now consider also the houses of the informal settlements in South Africa. You have around you shack after shack made of corrugated iron and flimsy walls. Also no life-force, no trees, no birds. Now compare to a village hut of traditional build, surrounded by fields and trees and animals. They possibly work hard, long hours, yet the sense of threads, of connection, of heartful-ness, is greater.

9febNetsE I have a feeling you want to talk to me about my temper.

Yes and no. You become like a jelly, spineless, amorphous rather nasty slippery substance when crossed.

That’s a bit harsh.

It needs to be. THIS is what you are meant to be concentrating on, not domestic things.

But I like things done nicely.

Yes, and it hurts the work you do with us when you waste time with frittering around instead of getting down to hard work. So, no shopping tomorrow. Certainly not, you produce a double hazard, nay at least a triple hazard here. Either you miss a day, or you disrupt any energy that has built up, or you open yourself to filling your mind with sideways and bye-ways.

OK OK point taken

We are going to the various nets around the earth, there are several. The thick one you are visualizing is like a giant fishing net, it is coarse and capable of choking and squeezing the energy out of the earth. Then there are nets of coinage and precious metals which are also not helpful. Yes, these are from the multinationals that have a large influence over the mineral kingdom.

Can we go back to the coarse net, what causes that and how may it be alleviated?

This net is more like a scum that has matted together like a reed mat which is chocking the water ways.

What is causing this. Am I right in thinking it is partly by pollution, partly by malevolent influences and partly by the withdrawal of spiritual forces from Pan’s kingdom that would normally keep a lot of this in order?

We are not sure you fully understand this net. It is far more strong than you realize.

I think I have it. It is about pollution,

Yes, pollution of a physical and also an electrical/magnetic order, wave lengths etc, also radiation, especially radiation. And the net is so powerful it could pull the earth off its proper course.

Like the changing of the axis?

You are getting more of the idea. That is why the silver hairnet is so vital. The vibration this creates is light and has a strong positive emanation which can negate these malign influences. This is prayer of a different order to that of your 9 o’clock wartime news, but this thought and energy-need is being picked up in different forms by peoples all over the globe. All may work on this and it will help move onto the next level.


We are going to talk to you about the yellow-green foam you saw at the edge of the beach when the tide was coming in. You did not want to go into the water. This is nutritious for certain of God’s creatures

As is sewage sludge?. No, this is not the same, there are vital differences. In this instance the interface draws different creatures to it. Therefore there is a turnaround in the sea which is not usual, but useful and necessary for the health of the interface. with the land and the air.

This is not very specific, feels a bit unauthentic?

Don’t judge, you are too quick to say ‘this is me’. Well, it is not, we are with you and you will listen. we said we would work with you wherever and however, as long as you were WILLING. Now, this is the time to set all aside and devote all the spare moments and those not spare to this work. yes you will land up with pages and pages, do not lose heart, all will be clear.

Do NOT be distracted. Yes, we can continue you will have to learn to work in these circumstances.

My mind is going round the corner wanting to know what the bang on the roof was.

Now, to return to the hairnet, it has many holes and the large negative one has snagged up a number of things, we are showing you this.

Yes, I can see it.

You know you have the ability to work on this . Do tell others, you will know who they are, but this is less important.

How, please to reduce the power of the broken negative net? Ah yes, I see, by not engaging with it

You are right. You have to ignore it, it will takes some concentration because the draw is strong, Just like a ‘dick’, as you would say.

Can I concentrate on the beauty and light of the earth, or is it better to concentrate on the net?

Concentrate on the net and make it 3D.

May I go? It appears there is a problem.

Please go.

20 feb2010E


We have waited a long long time for this ‘introduction’. We are the air spaces that house/shelter so many minerals and energies from molecules. Yes, this does sound crazy, but there are no vacuums, all ?molecules/cells/organismscoalesce and at that interface there is our energy. If you like, we could describe ourselves as the arteries of the solar system.

?In miniature?


I am thinking maybe I am going mad and all that I write now is Hoosier.

No, this is all sensible and according to the laws of physics, the universe. We operate also in the time and space dimension, which is not understood by most humans at present. We also operate in the vibration dimension, which is also unknown for the most part, but you know homoeopathy and the ‘Rife’ machine, so you do understand this.

May I ask about my friends?(addendum 28June2010: I was concerned some were feeling overwhelmed by the rate of change)

You may ask us, but it would be better to be there and prepare yourself, both in this way and in the way of books to which we will nudge you, and also the thoughts which come to you. Remember the Fibonacci numbers, that they will understand.

Is each turn another vibration?

Yes, more or less.

Can one work from the centre in or out?

This is fourth dimensional, so it is important to take into the self, it is easier to flow that way.


What about the 7th wave thing?

Consider the Doppler effect, the almost rigid force that is produced. Imagine it like an unstoppable army, there is no place for retreat or negotiations. This can be applied to many things.

This is what is happening to me now, with so many people making approaches and me wishing to rebuff them all.

This is the desperate clinging on of the old. You have to be gracious and go with and let go. More and more will come, you will NOT be able to satisfy them all.

But I am sad when these are things I would like to do.

You know your path is narrow and stony,, and includes less of this baggage.

But it lifts me and gives me energy, oh, I know, if I do this work well, it is its own reward. However,how do I know I am speaking to a source I can trust, although you could be trustworthy or lying to me?…..I wouldn’t know.

Test the spirits, if they be of God. You may go, edit carefully and print out

25 February2010

Whales are big but gentle creatures. They move through water with abandon and joy sometimes, yet sometimes also purposefully. They communicate, as you know, through the thin layer of sea where reception is getting crowded by man-made impedimenta, boats, flotsam, chemical pollution and the like. Whales and the other larger sea mammals also have several – we hesitate to call them alternative, probably ancillary would be a better work, methods of communication. These involve bouncing wave forms off the bottom of the sea bed.

What, even when it is miles deep?

You interrupt needlessly, but we do understand in this instance. Yes, the distances to the bottom vary. Much depends on the angles concerned. It is not straight down and straight up again.

I feel very tired and see a jelly fish or is it an octopus?

It is neither, it is merely an illustration that whales are not alone in this environment and yet they do not , even with their huge size, interfere with the place other creatures of the water have.

The third type of communication is speech.

I thought we had covered that one in the thin layer.

No, the thin layer communication is a sort of radar, it works within the medium but is picked up differently by the big mammals.

Ah, we are talking about the multiplicity of function of organs?

Yes, very much so. You will understand more later, much research is going on at the moment and bits will filter out in time. Of course, not all will be revealed.

And speech is for short, almost seeing distance?

Yes, and it will also go a long way if conditions are right.

Can we communicate with these large mammals? – I know we can call the seals and they come sometimes.

Go deep within yourself and find the sound within your chest. It is more of a rumble. You do not have to outwardly voice it. Then stand up and feel the sound going through your body from the earth. Feel and be in the peace of the movement that you feel, it might be slight. Yes, we have brought the wisp of wind around the corner to give you an idea of the subtlety of it all.

You know, a large part of me feels I am writing absolute rubbish and those who could advise would be ashamed of me for my inadequacy.

Well, feel like that. It will not help the transmissions nor will it help you to help others. You will shortly be able to learn how to extract what each person needs.

You mean building like an encyclopedia, or a handbook, as I extracted the other day? YES. Thank you. May I go?

No, stay and be in the peace; the angels would talk with you re yours and others’ healing

The work with the crystal kingdom is paramount Read Edgar Caycee

But he doesn’t say anything about crystals.

Nevertheless, read what you have, this will add to the picture.

I feel you closely, very cobwebby.

Yes, we are here to comfort and guard you from your passions which are sooo destructive – to you and an other.

How so?

You destroy where you should build, you shift sand and blow up a storm where you should be calm. You also neglect the important little things in life such as loving what is, gifts of prayers and love to all those around.

Thank you for your nudges on my behalf these last couple of day. Please help me to be more aware.

We are glad and happy to be this near you.

One more thing. This new babe has his own path, NO INTERFERENCE, you are NOT to open this book, it is not for you. Understand?


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