December 2009 All

Apologies for huge delay and lack of editing and sorting.  Hopefully this will come in time

7Dec dec2009E.rtf

THE DOG: The bonds between man and his companions from the animals are like icebergs, strong and visible to most sentient beings, but not to man, who has, perforce, lost that sensitivity. Man would not be able to function in the present climate with such sensitivity. And Jessie? (our aged mutt)

She will always be a vibration in the outer reaches of your aura, a different sort of vibration, helping to open up to others of the same ilk.

23 Dec09

When the willow is stripped of its leaves in deepest winter, then will the winds blow a chill through the land. Then Jack Frost makes all beautiful, both beautiful and terrible. It is important to emphasize that these two are sides of the same coin.

You mean, like the deaths in our village these past few weeks? No that does not feel quite right.

Yes, it is right The beauty on the surface is hard-won. Like the clotted cream you enjoy in the West Country, it is the product of many pints of milk, human intervention, heat and time.

We tell you we will work with you in all circumstances, in the air, below the sea, in the wind, up the mountain, just let your confidence grow that we are there.

How can I be sure that it is not mostly me?

We do use your mind, sometimes you are an imperfect receiver and then the message gets skewed or even incomprehensible, much depends on the quality of the transmission and receiver (you)but that is only a part of the picture. There are strong threads and tentacles that cannot belong to you, they are part of the wider picture that you cannot see, like the seaweed beneath the waves, or the root hairs of a tree even. These transmissions are complex and we do nudge you when you are off beam or the thread is too faint to continue. Yes you do, thank you.

Today, we want to take you to areas that are broken up, melanged, such as the sea shore, the mess of plastic in the Pacific, the coils of fishing line on the shore, the dried and poisoned piles of weeds and dead Fynbos. Now listen;. these have not happened ‘by accident’, they are part of what is happening in the world at large, yes, also within your own bodies, within the air, within the deep deep subsoil and the core of the earth

But how can that be, It is not possible to physically pollute so far into the earth?

We did not use the term pollute. We merely draw your attention to this area. Consider the jewels around your neck. They are not there by accident. They, as you know, have been ripped out of the ground and are held in thrall, in servitude to you and yours.

But mankind has always used the resources of the earth in this way.

Yes, and there is a price to pay, both for the donor and for the recipient. Both have responsibilities. Yours as recipient of lovely crystals, to be aware that these are young ‘immature’ crystals which have been taken from their rock homes, isolated from their own kind and deprived of the wise knowledge of the crystal guardians who would naturally have the care of them.

Also, of great importance, to be concerned for those guardians and ‘relatives’ (deep in the core) who have a care, a duty, to keep in touch, as feebly as they may sometimes be able to These guardians try to ensure that the ‘immature’ crystals behave as well as possible, reminding them of their innate helpful nature to the human and all other kingdoms on earth, and warning them against imitating the ‘gem’ stones egos, or even imitating their new human owners by developing an inappropriate (human) ego status. These problems create further breakdown in this earth kingdom.

In much the same ways as human society breaks down on the surface?

Well sort-of. It is the guardians deep in the earth who need the human recognition. Without them the crystals will surely go to sleep and will cease to perform any function at all. Remember, as the peacock is not the most important bird, the most brilliant gem stone is not the most important crystal. Just look to your computer, your satellites, your hearing aids etc. What would be the consequence of this?

We dare not give you the awfulness of that picture. I know I’m a coward, but just a hint.

The chemicals in the sea and in the earth’s crust whether it is liquid or molten will not be able to perform their age-old practice of forming new crystal structures.

Wait a minute, I thought crystals were formed with great pressure within the earth’s body?

You interrupt, you should wait a little. Great movements are always happening and this will continue in this great, and latest, (last?) age. Mankind is merely a flea in this regard. However, for now, the breakdown in the energy around the minerals will cause malfunction in ALL crystal structures. Is it possible for this situation to be ameliorated?

We are helpless here and also may not interfere. Is there anything that I and others like me can do, ie humans?

You already know how to start, and we now give you a little of the why.

We have told you often enough It is the recognition of the beings, (they are like gnomes in their function, but not in their stature) who guard, guide and love those children of the crystal who dwell in their realm. They need the recognition of THOSE HUMANS WHO HAVE THE WILLINGNESS AND ABILITY to understand and interact with this particular kingdom. Yes, you have told me this work is vital, I remember now.

We reiterate, NOTHING ON EARTH is more important.

Is this true? or is it just true for me and those who could help in this area?

Well, there is so much to be done, yet this has to spearhead, thrusting through minds of stupid men like a rocket launched from within the crust of the earth. Or a volcano?

No, for that is of the earth. this is outside, alien, startling, non-absorbent.

OK thank you. may I finish now?

Soon. We want to talk to you about the protection of leaves.

I am thinking about my brother Neil’s unpublished book, The Sap Makers.

It is relevant. The leaf performs a function and then falls off. The life-force is removed yet the leaf still looks alive. The leaf is in limbo to all intents and purposes, between life and death, yet this is not the whole story, it still has a good many functions to perform. You think too much, now listen: We want you to imagine you are a leaf,

Ah ha, is this about this work?

Yes, whittle away at your writing, get it in shape, plant it on your tree, the website, and let it just fall off there. You just have to let it go from that point. Yes, do the links – when you are ready, but don’t hold on to this work, just let it go..

Remember, as some leaves are damaged by insects or wind, and some are broken off with living branches, so your writing will be like this. Don’t consider it. The leaves will carpet the ground and provide a protection for what is to come as well as nutrient and comfort for the more fragile minds. I envisage the nutrient layer above the ground being typical of tropical conditions, so do understand the above illustration.

Yes, this is a ‘to-do’ manual. for those who can read the appropriate message in this.

25 Dec09

Today I have felt somewhat depressed and a bit of an outsider looking in on other people’s lives. Is this deliberate? Or something to do with me and my attitudes or something that needs to happen?

It needs to happen. The reliance and energy from others distracts you too easily from the mountainous task we have for you – together. There must be no backsliding at this stage. OK do you want to do anything now?

Yes, we want to take you to Copenhagen. See the energy that was generated last week, you can visualize the swirling uplift of outpourings of concern and charity, one might nearly say love, from those present on the streets, yes, this has penetrated in a small way into the halls of negotiation. This people power is as yet unformed.

So what must happen now for it to form?

You can visualize a group of large co loured daisy like flowers springing up as happened during the hippie era. Well, with intent, this can happen now. You are visualizing clouds of good energy spreading droplets across the landscape. That is not structured enough. What about a link between the crystals?

The time is not right for this yet, it needs to be simpler. Everything positive like a rabbit or a rain drop, has a negative connotation in another part of the world.

What about a star-burst of activity?

Put your ideas to those whose websites you have, let them take it further.

We are back to the shade from the trees. When there are no trees there is no shade, likewise with clouds, where there are no clouds there is no shade. Think about it. The earth parches and dries up and the wind blows. The ground becomes hard so the creatures who live on or near the surface cannot escape.

This is dreary stuff, no-one will want to read about this even if it is true, it depresses me so. Are you really wanting me to go on with this ……yes you are.

Plants are looked after by gnomes, elves and various fairies, as various as the plants and trees they look after. They come under the control of Pan, or the Green Man, or a myriad of other names.

It is this over-soul group, caring for the natural world, that also needs our help and recognition, isn’t it?

That is the point that needs to be put over. With no physical forms to look after, the gnomes, elves, fairies etc., all members of Pan’s kingdom, will disintegrate, back into the general energy. Therefore even in times when the conditions have a chance of recovering and being in good heart again, the pattern will function only imperfectly, the creatures and plants, shrubs and trees, will not know how to behave appropriately in their environment. You have already seen examples of rogue elephants and yes, the toads of Australia, nature gone mad because they have lost their template-makers, their guardians on this beloved earth.

A piece of loosely woven twine will have no strength if it is not well twisted. If it is wet, it can be stronger still. Let this message be like that, strong and lasting even if uncomfortable, not soft and woolly as nest-bedding.

OK, Go and sing – it will lift you. What is now commenced is good. The bells ring out in the heavens for this time, go and rejoice.

26 Dec09

Imagine the silver hair net that you have heard about that protects the head against electrical and other style brain interference.

Yes, I have that image.

We talked about loose string last time, now we are going to talk about the power of nets. Particularly the nets that catch moonbeams and other such nebulous things.

Well, the net I see with my inner eye looks pretty substantial to me

Yes, it needs to be so in order to escape detection. Inside the coir-style coating is secreted a filament of fine crystal-like structure that can carry myriad quantities and types of information.

I’m not sure I have this right. Is there an augmentation due to the totality of the structure over and above the quantity of the structure. what is the purpose of the structure? (this appears to be contradicted by later writing, therefore needs clarification

Imagine the silver thread hairnet that you have heard about, that protects to some extent, the head and brain from some forms of electromagnetic stress. This is like that except that it works in reverse. Like a satellite disc scouting the sky?

No, more like a net that catches birds that fall, like at Hartland (where they catch birds on a certain date in order to do a census) except that in this case, it is collecting mis-haps, not undertaking a census of the status quo. So the net is to lookout for malfunctions of some sort or other and transmit the evidence back to?

Yes, to those who want to collect it. I don’t get a good feeling about this

No, you would be right. However there is no harm at present while the whole is in an experimental state . Are you suggesting that some sort of civil disobedience or sabotage is advantageous here?

Yes, yet it is far more gentle than that. Things can happen in many ways. There are many ways of skinning a cat, as you say. This can be done with love and humour yet with deliberate intent to ensure that the net (network) does not become too tight or strangle anyone.. Did I understand correctly that it is not directly the official government agencies that are involved?

No, look intra/extra/world-domination spy theories. Yes, we will not dwell on this.

I know I am not comfortable with courting the ridicule of the David Icke school of conspiracies, and do wonder how much an individual would be able to do before being stamped on with a big jack boot. Yes, I am a coward also.

No need, no harm has ever come to you, has it? You have always been well protected have you not, and that will continue. Yes, thank you.

Plasticine is flexible and does not have life, yet Morph would have us know otherwise. Inanimate objects can be given life by will, by courage, by intent. Yes, this is a positive message for you. Do you mean the porcupine?

Yes! She/he will say many things and you will have the freedom to disagree. – to an extent…. I think I can see the advantage. I do feel thick sometimes.

You won’t fall off the tightrope, it is wire and thick and just above the (invisible) ground that holds you up.

27 Dec09

We are going to a lakeside, it could be any lakeside. The interface of water contained and earth contained – earth deposited by rising and lowering levels. This causes a thick velvet layer which supports myriad life. Birds are major beneficiaries – insect eating storks – Those on migration routes?

Yes, always. There are always migrations – as the tide goes in and out in the sea, so also everything has its ebb and flow, its season, in one place and then another. Also forms change characteristics depending on conditions. This is too general – it is boring…oops have I cut the link?

No, you withdrew because of your preconception. Are we ever boring when you look back on what we have told you?

No truly. I’m sorry, but the link now feels less.

Sunday 27 Dec

We want to talk to you about people with prostheses. They look normal to the outsider yet something gives them away, maybe it is the gait, maybe the effort put in to move.

When you encounter such a one as these, what do you think? Is not your first thought How did he/she get like this Well, we would like to replace that with another thought, How is it that I have everything? Each time, yes, each time you encounter anyone who is in any way challenged. Yes, you are brimful of queries, but let them rest, practice what we tell you and see what a difference it makes.

Is this about Grace?

Yes, and on a larger scale, Yes again. (addendum 24June2010 It appears to me that Grace is the gift of God, however one understands ‘God’, so we ask God to bestow it; whereas Blessings we can freely give from inside ourselves. As you can see from the following, Grace has so far not played a large part in my life.)

Grace does not form an easy fluid part of your vocabulary or thought. This practice will enable you to scale the heights that have so far been denied you by your own innate nature – yes, rather selfish. I’m sure it is true, but it hurts.

Let it be.

31 Dec 09

Well? Is there ever a suitable time? Leave all and attend to US. Yes, this is why there are so many wires everywhere, in homes, in rubbish piles. It is the age if disconnection.

NOW; listen carefully, we are going to withdraw while you sort yourself out and decide whether you WILL do this work or not. The pace is but a dribble, the flow must be a stream to be self-sustaining. Take all opportunities and write, write, write and do not let yourself be distracted. I am deeply concerned, what must I do?

Effort, genuine self-control, yes like your companion with her photos. Copy the hours she spends and you will do well. Let nothing stand in the way. Do not say I am tired/hungry/ needing to rest. All untrue. Yes, we of course, know all your evasions. This is a time similar to when you were at University and all other things had to be put aside, You do not need to be concerned with everyday matters, others can think and talk about these things, it is not your/our preferred path.

I’m still here. Yes, but for how long? OK Point taken, I am hungry.

Now loosen the net from around your shoulders. By that we mean the need to control and wish to know what is going on. It will go on perfectly well without you.

Lights Out! This will happen like a sand storm obscuring the rays of the sun. It will come up from the east and gradually push the grains of sand along the ground, and quickly there will be no communication. Hence the desire to open minds to the vast country/edifice/panorama that is in front while you yet stand a while off and cannot enter it. Do I understand you at all or am I clutching at straws.

Straws yes, that is what we showed you. Rather consider hollow growth in its other forms, the bamboo and the reed for example.

31 Dec 09

Now, listen. We are talking again about the net that catches birds and other flying creature and also the creatures of the sea, of the depth. I am thinking of trawlers destroying whole ecosystems with dragnets.

No, not that image. Imagine whiskers on an Alice-in-Wonderland animal, like the White Rabbit. Now see how the whiskers move and sense all the time, as though conveying smell to the nose. That is surely not possible, whiskers sense motion, noses pick up smell.

Wait. You will observe that the senses are not as separate as you at present imagine. Remember this morning when you were aware of your partner’s very faintly perfumed lotion when she was out of sight and sound, some 20 feet away in the bathroom, and your friend Chris’ ability to smell human stools in the feynbos which none of the rest of you were aware of?

We want you to be aware that the facilities which you have can ALL be honed to a much sharper edge. Being razor sharp in certain areas of the brain will not necessarily wake up the porridge-like mass of brain that has been ignored and, in some cases, atrophied from non-use. I thought the important thing was to do whatever possible to keep the blood supply to the brain. It feels I am wrong.

Yes, over-expanding of certain centres will not improve the whole. I see a motorway, long stretches,no side junctions.

Yes, your mental allegory has validity, a strong blood vessel to certain parts which are in most use is like a motorway or an arterial road. Both only go to those areas where there is the heaviest traffic. The outlying districts, although considerably more diverse and, one might say, necessary for the health of the organism, are not on the map, therefore ignored.

How to improve this situation? Playing with children or rather children playing with you. It is necessary to become one with the life of the growing human, not trying to force this new star to be moulded into an incomplete adult.

Let me give you an example. A little boy who has grown up in a non-industrial environment with no ‘stimulation’ will develop his own world-view of what-is. He will not know that the sky will not fall or that the earth is not circled by the sun or that the soil he plays with contains myriad things he cannot see. Has this child a life of less value than one who has grown up in material plenty, going from activity to activity – by car, with loving parent hurrying and scurrying them from one thing to another? Yes, this second child is possibly not hungry and possibly not temperature-challenged, being always in temperature-controlled conditions. This second child will not usually have experienced grief and loss, the fragility of life in its visible loss, seeing those around dying, seeing animals and fish slaughtered, seeing crops fail.

You see, the boy without advantages has learned to walk in the footsteps of his ancestors. Surely that is now a passé image with so many flocking to centres of civilization, is anyone left living like that?

No, we are giving you an image of what is passing away. You have to decide what changes you could make to your OWN lifestyle in order to bring a degree of unity back. It is not up to us to present you with an unattainable goal of times past, without the knowledge that it IS a time past and be glad that some of the less acceptable aspects no longer exist.

I am slightly fearful that if things break down as they might, we could be left between both worlds, which would be extremely unpleasant.

Yes, that is the scenario. There are several parallel worlds and variations in potential futures available to you at this present time. Bear this in mind when opening your mouth. Do NOT put one giant foot into it, it would be too easy. This could have the effect of tearing the network that heals and surrounds you.

Wait a minute, I have just remembered. Are you referring to the hairnet of silver-like thread which needs to be placed around the earth to help maintain some stability? You told be about fit our months’ ago and told me to tell others, which I did. We were told that positive prayer and loving visualization would help strengthen it. Then I forgot all about it. Is there any more on this?

Just a little. This silver net is like a mosquito net.. Yes, there are ‘mosquitos’ having a go at the structure. No, they are not from this planet. But, as I see it, they look as though they are from this planet.

That is the cleverness, remember there are many disguises, and a little ‘naughtiness’ on the part of an unhappy or mistreated elemental will go a long way to helping a-n-other disguise and corrupt the present structures for their own aims. Whoa! we’re back into territory I don’t think I know anything about and the coward in me begs you not to enlighten me.

OK Enough for now. Well done!


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