What do you want to tell me today? I will try my best, ah, thank you, I can feel you coming close.
Yes, you have been learning a lot these past few days – and years. It has been like dragging you
through a thorny hedge at times only you have splintered on the way and gone in different directions
despite our best efforts
I did ask for less comments today
Maybe the comments are your own mind force intervening…ha ha. To continue:-
Imagine a hollow old tree, half of the wood is gone and half is rotten, by your standards. However,
it is teeming with life and fully linked into the energetic systems around it as an elder. The families
and generations and complexities are those which have been built up only through time and
changing conditions. For instance, the mind thoughts of various people who have been in the
vicinity, like building a bridge, choosing this tree to sit under, or meet under. All these things have
entered the book or database, of the tree. This is not fanciful. You know this can all be dowsed.
Also the generations of insects and mammals who share this environment, their oversoul, you do not
have the right word, will have built up also in time. These things do not happen in new, man-created
environments where everything has been started from scratch, from subsoil, nude, or worse, pre-laid
with plastic, pipes or other such impedimenta to the flow of our natural forces. Of course, with
cooperation such as you see at Rosemoor, (the famous garden) where human thoughts and feet are to
a greater or lesser extent, supportive, we can pull out more stops, but it is not easy, especially with
the lack of gnome power on the ground. Yes, for us it is like it was for you in England after the
Great War. There are far less of us fully formed and functional around populated places. We do
need the cooperation of human minds to help our forcefields.
OK OK you are distrusting us., how can we explain. Think of a large tanker on the water. Think of
its funnel and engine room and the lack of people sailing on it. Now think of the vibration and noise
that it gives off with its displacement, engines and propeller. You know the damage to the marine
environment is immense. You already know the effect that the vibration has on this thin surface
layer of sea and all the marine creatures who inhabit it.
You mean the noise disruption which travels 1600 miles and prevents sea mammals from being able
to talk to their own kind.
Yes, but it is more than that. This is the metaphorical tip of the iceberg. There are creatures of the
deep who rely on these communications also. They come up at night to higher regions, that is why
they are less known.
These threads go through into the depth of the ocean. The whole fabric of the sea , the warp and the
weft is being dissolved apart by this. It is happening gradually.
Ok but can we come back to the gnomes
Don’t you see, the mechanisation has taken away the respect or knowedge of the sea. There is no
place for the kingdom to which we belong.
you mean water spirits, Neptune,
Neptune yes, but you do not have all the words, never mind, insert later, yes, mermaids are a truth
and in a similar dimension. You will understand later.
Therefore this kingdom is not there to help mankind, because mankind has ceased to respect, to
believe, therefore to support. He does not realise it is all part of one whole. Man will eventually
fade away as we are fading away. Does that make it clear?
Now, back to the garden, we cannot just exist within made-up gardens and beside disused railway
lines, although that human enjoyment does feed back to us.
You have to see us in a robin on a fork, in a drop on a spiders web, in the scurrying of a mouse
through the grass.
How can we help you?
You can’t, but you can help yourselves. You can talk to others about our plight, you can encourage
children to be gentle, yes, like Peter, and respectful of the plant kingdom and encourage them to get
their hands dirty. You can seek out those who are older who have gardens, allotments and encourage
sharing of their way of being.
I see we are not done
Just a little more. Imagine a rush basket full of fresh garden produce, such as leeks, onions,
potatoes, cabbage, parsnips, blackberries and plums, for example. Now, imagine the ‘little creatures’
dancing around this basket on the produce, delighted with what they have co-created and joyful that
it is going to be used by human beings for food. The food, carefully cooked, comes to table with this
life-force intact What, even through cooking?
Yes, I assure you,
you are tired we will stop now.
Tq I will do more

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