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We are ready, just write what we dictate.  ok.   See a stick in the sand, a finger doodling or a re-arrangement of the articles in your hands and feet,  to bring what you need into your presence. This is the way to do it.   When you walk, do so with lightness, like a baboon or a down feather in a slight air movement. DO NOT THINK!  Thinking closes the doors to so many layers of the inner world that surround you, and surrounds all of mankind. Awareness is a crude word for the magnitude of what we are trying convey to you. It is too simplistic. Be aware of these worlds around you, seen and unseen. Yes, this is simplistic, yet how often recently have you been as near  to us as we have been to you? You faff about and play with  dishcloths and mopping up and we talk to you and you hear us – and then go onto the next thing you are doing, ignoring our requests for attention, thereby  getting caught up in a stewpot of anger and frustration because you are not doing what you wish in your heart to do.  This anger and frustration is all of your own making.. sorry

Ok, let us go on, and now we are not now talking about your physical space, you know this.   When you have swept the floor and washed the windows, then your house will be ready to receive your new guests. And yes, quite right, they require no other appertinences, no furnishings, no candles, music or a special place; only a clear mind and clear vision.

VOLCANOS:  We would like to talk to you about volcanos.  When a mound appears in the earth with an indentation in the top, no matter how small or large the mound, this has  the same ration, volcano,  or mole hill.  It  doesn’t seem feasible
To go on – when something is displaced, a vacuum is created and also a strong upthrusting energy is present, as in a mole’s energy,  or the magma thrust from an active volcano. However, when stillness returns, there is an in-flowing of energy into the mouth of the volcano or mound, no matter what size, and this has a particular energy.
Hold on, are we talking of portals?   YES   So we are not talking of real volcanos?
I see we will have to go round the base of the mountain to explain further. As in homoeopathy, like cures like, yet it has be be in a different, (higher) vibration and material (smaller) quantity from the original in order to do this. The ‘power’, mathematically, of the one offsetting the other, you understand this.
Well, where there are these areas of great disturbance, there also you will find the material has – gone – and the energy is left behind,
May I ask what is the use of these portals?
You know, they are exit and entry points for those of different vibrations to enter the earth’s field and adjust their vibrations so as to be able to function on earth.

Now, useful information: do not use your eyes to scan the horizon, rather be still and let the horizon find you. This is more to do with presence. Find the being in yourself instead of the projection of self to another (more impersonal?) space, yes.

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