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The Army of the United Kingdom

9 August 2010 Today there are the armies to consider.  They do not choose to be where they are sent, and it is of importance to help them relocate all of themselves to wherever they are sent, so that parts … Continue reading

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December 2009

The Porcupines Quill Information from the realms in this time of transition Skip to content Home About Contact Us December 2009 All February 2010 December 2009 All Apologies for huge delay and lack of editing and sorting.  Hopefully this will … Continue reading

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seeing & portals

how to be part of and to know the landscape
the use and recognition of portals Continue reading

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Crystals 23-12-2009

Will I be able to work with you today? Yes, we tell you we will work with you in all circumstances, in the air, below the sea, in the wind, up the mountain, Just let your confidence grow that we … Continue reading

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30th March 09

Shall I start with yesterday?   Joining 3 girls at a tea table after the Sunday evening service, I asked the ring-leader, blond, knowedgeable, cheerful, whether she knew anything about crystal skulls. I have a book at home. Yes, and do … Continue reading

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31august09GNOMBES,SEA,VIBRATION,INTERFACEedited29may2010 What do you want to tell me today? I will try my best, ah, thank you, I can feel you coming close. Yes, you have been learning a lot these past few days – and years. It has been … Continue reading

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MAGNETIC LINK – Wed13may2009

This is URGENT.  Concentrate! Upward of 10,000 souls are passing.   From where? Trust and obedience  we demand, this it is the only way it works;-  like a spiral, a vortex of energy even. Suspicions of mistrust are deleterious.  What must … Continue reading

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